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Application for National ID Card

The Registration of Persons Act Cap 107 of the laws of Kenya, allows any Kenyan of the age above 18 years to seek the national Identity card. It provides a form 136A to be used for applying to obtain an ID.
The applicants must give their full names, date of birth, father’s and mother’s name, marital status, husband’s name and ID number, district of birth, tribe, clan, home district, division, constituency, location, sub-location, village, home address and occupation.
The applicant must also tick appropriately the supporting document submitted alongside the application form like birth certificate, religious card, and parent’s ID.
Finally, the application must be signed by the authorities that include the Assistant Chief, Chief, District Officer and the District Commissioner with each acknowledging with an official stamp before it can be authorized by the registration officer in accordance with the Registration of Persons Act, Laws of Kenya.